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Mobile Phones - Advantages and Disadvantages

Mobile phones are an invention of this current century that many people never believed would come to be the technological sensation that it has become today. If you only look back a few years, a mobile phone was actually considered a luxury and not the necessity that it has come to be. It was certainly not affordable by everyone. And then suddenly out of nowhere almost everyone has a mobile phone and not many can imagine a life without it. It seems that everyone is carrying a cell phone and we have become a nation and world of cell phone addicts. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this addiction that we now have?


If we are suddenly involved in an emergency of some type, we have almost immediate access to emergency services such as the police, fire or medical services. If there is a dangerous person on the loose in any certain neighborhood law enforcement can contact each of us with instructions on what to do to stay safe. Information involving an Amber Alert or weather alerts can be almost instantly spread community or state-wide.

Wireless Communications

We have the ability to stay in touch with our families and closest friends at all times through wireless texting, email and actually talking to each other. In some cases, this could be also a disadvantage but for now it will be listed as an advantage.

Safety Feature

For those who live alone, or the elderly or disabled it is almost a safety feature as these people can be checked on during the day by family or neighbors. Or if they have an emergency they can immediately get help. By carrying this small communication device with them there are no more reasons to be stuck after a fall lying on the floor with no help insight. Families of these same people do not have to have someone with them all the time anymore as it often was in the past.

But just as it is with everything else in life, with the advantages come the disadvantages. For every one advantage there are several disadvantages.

Driving and Cell Phones

Cell phones have become a bit of a hazard when in the car. Text messaging and answering or making a call with the phone while driving have already killed many people due to car accidents. In fact some states have passed laws against texting or using a cell phone while driving. There are devices where the phone can be hooked up to the car's sound system so when the phone rings you can touch a button on the steering wheel and the call will go through the car sound system allowing you to communicate while still having your eyes on the road.

Health Hazard

There have been more incidents of cancer of the brain since the use of cell phones have become so wide-spread but health officials are not sure if this is due to cell phone use. The phone does omit some very low, non-toxic levels of radiation so it would be a reasonable deduction that those who are heavy cell phone users could develop some health effects.

Stress Level

For some people, perhaps more than we realize, constantly being connected to a ringing phone can be quite stressful. As long as that cell phone is with us, we can never have any time alone and that time of calm is necessary to unwind sometimes.

So, as with everything new there are advantages and disadvantages of having a mobile phone.

Just as everything in life - every new technology brings advantages and disadvantages. And this is certainly true of mobile phones.

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Security Best Practices for Mobile Management

When developing mobile management policies, many companies spend more time considering the security of devices than their networks or users. There are many tools designed for network security for mobile devices but most companies have not yet invested in them. A change in focus is required, shifting attention from the devices alone to these devices, the network or networks on which they operate, and users. The process must begin with consideration of why the company is making the move to mobile access.

The Importance of Strategy

A mobile strategy is not just a trend. It is a way to optimize many business processes. Mobile devices offer cost, manageability, and business benefits. Unfortunately, many corporate information officers do not spend much time considering all the positive aspects of mobile devices. They are too busy worrying

about quickly integrating these devices into the workforce. This is a mistake because important benefits can be missed. Strategy should be the first step in the mobile deployment process.

After a mobile access strategy is developed, those in charge of deployment should conduct a risk audit that identifies current and prospective risks and the level of comfort that the business has with each one. Different workers may have a different type or level of access, making it important to view risk from an individual level. Once all risks have been identified, security measures can be developed that address risks the company is not willing to take.

Mobile Security from a User Perspective

Focusing on the user is essential when developing a mobile security policy. Companies must balance the demand for access anytime and anywhere with the risks that this type of access presents. As businesses grow and change more quickly, the needs of workers change. To be profitable and successful, a business must accommodate changing realities of mobile device users. It must support use of mobile networks from anywhere, including an airport café or home office.

Expectations of workers include being able to connect at anytime using a variety of devices including tablet computers. To provide extended coverage to workers, companies must support connections through various service provider networks. In addition, they must allow workers to access corporate resources at all times and all places. This increases the risk of private or sensitive information being accessed by unauthorized people, increasing the liability of the company.

How to Manage Risk with User-Focused Mobile Security

While companies must focus on the device and the network, they must also keep users in mind. Though it is an essential component of overall mobile security, protection at the network level has limitations. By incorporating a focus on device users, companies reduce the risks associated with changing user needs by adding security measures that directly address these.

The process involves allowing workers to meet their needs in a way that keeps the mobile device networks and assets intact. Security solutions must become part of the work environment, not aspects that limit mobility and reduce productivity. This approach to mobile management will allow a company to adapt to future changes.

Is your mobile management not as secure as you would like it to be? a call! We are a team of mobile management specialists that will evaluate your current programs and ensure that your mobile systems are meeting your demands. For more information, visit our website today!

Postpaid Vs Prepaid Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have easily become a part of almost everyone's way of life. What was once dubbed as a luxury has easily made itself to the mainstream, and it is now being embraced by the masses. Because these devices are regarded as an important human need, one often encounters the challenge of buying one. While it may be easy for the layperson to buy the cheapest type of mobile communication device, it is probably harder to get resources to shoulder the monthly bills and communication usage expenses. In this connection, there are two primary types of payment plans for all mobile phone users out there. However, the problem is which plan is right for you? To determine if either postpaid or prepaid plan is applicable for your case, you need to consider many things.

The Important Considerations When Choosing Between Postpaid and Prepaid Lines

How much are you able to pay for the phone unit and for the service charge? Once you have identified these, you can comfortably decide between the two plans. For prepaid plans, the credit consumption lies in the hands of the user. This means, he can only consume what he has and not what he does not have. If his load is already consumed, he will no longer be able to make another SMS or start a call. As such, prepaid users need not worry about regular monthly bills.

On the contrary, if you have a little more to spend for mobile communication services, you may be better off with a postpaid plan. This plan never runs out of credit. Because of this though, there is that common tendency of consuming more than what you need and you may end up surprised when you get huge bills because of overconsumption. With postpaid lines, the service provider issues a fixed charge per month to the user, which depends on the type of plan he has chosen. Today, postpaid plans have become more flexible to cater to the needs of every type of individual may he be rich or poor.

The amount of time you spend talking over the phone also needs to be considered because the longer it is, the more likely it is for you to choose postpaid over prepaid. You surely do not want to experience unexpected disconnection because you suddenly ran out of phone credits. Furthermore, you also need to consider if you are a frequent traveler. Most people who travel long distances are safer with postpaid lines. This is because not all areas have reloading centers for prepaid phones.

Probably one of the most important considerations is the application process. Getting a postpaid line for mobile phones entails submitting all of the needed requirements, which may include any of the following: a proof of identity (ID), proof of income or latest home utility billing statement, certificate of compensation or employment and your most recent credit card billing statement. These are often hard to find especially for teenagers and the non-working class. If you do not want to gather these requirements and wait in the long lines, just grab a prepaid line instead and you are already good to go.

Know more about the advantages and disadvantages of prepaid and postpaid lines. Understand the important considerations first before choosing just any kind of plan for your mobile phones.

Need a Mobile Phone? Factors to Consider Before Buying One

The mobile phone revolution took the world by storm in 1973 and since then there has been no looking back. There are so many types of phones in the market now from the very cheap ones to the exclusively expensive types. Various companies are also in the business of producing mobile phones now and this has created very stiff competition in the industry. Needless to say, buying a mobile phone should be preceded by a lot of thought and consideration. Before making a mobile phone purchase, you might want to make the following considerations.

Of course money matters

This is a must consider factor for anyone who wants to buy a phone. How much cash you have, how much you want to spend and what repercussions the expenditure will have on your finances are all very important factors to consider. Lower priced phones have the advantage of being affordable but they deny you the pleasure of experiencing some essential features that exist in other phones. Expensive phones will obviously provide you with more features on the phone you buy and you will have access to other extraneous applications as well. How much you have dictates what you get.

The function aspect

In times gone by, phones were essentially only for receiving calls, making calls and sending out text messages. This has however changed over the years with the cell phone becoming part and parcel of the person that owns it. Ask anyone what they would not leave behind whenever they leave the house and they are most likely to say their mobile phone. Phones can now be used as portable cameras, mini-computers, music players, radios, storage devices, GPS devices and much more. When buying a phone, keep in mind what you need the phone for as this will help you make a wise purchase. No need spending a lot of money on a phone that will only be used for answering calls.

Socio-economic status

Society often places expectations and perceived obligations upon individuals. When you are in a certain socio-economic class you are expected to own certain types of things and one of these is the mobile phone. The very rich celebrities and political figures for example are expected to have nothing but the choicest in phones with some even going for custom-made, bejeweled ones. In some cases it becomes cumbersome but in certain cases image is everything. A CEO of a mobile company for instance should have the best there is as this will create confidence among his customers and employees. Public figures are also expected to do the same. When buying a mobile phone, keep your status in mind and live up to expectations as long as they are sensible and achievable.

Your mobile phone becomes a big part of your life as soon as you buy it from the mobile phones vendor. Always make sure [you buy something that not only adheres to the above three pointers but which is also aesthetically appealing. It does not hurt to have a beautiful phone after all.

learn all about how to buy mobile phones. Also get great ideas about factors to consider before making a purchase.

Shop for Mobile Phones That Are Within Your Budget

There's no denying that mobile phones are one of the most expensive purchases people make on a regular basis. Every two years your contract goes up and it's time to upgrade, but only if you don't lose or break your phone in the meantime. If you head into a cell phone carrier the prices of new cell phones can be incredibly expensive, especially if you are not at the renewal point of a contract with the carrier in question. Instead of going through all this hassle, it can be a lot easier to get the service and phones you need online from a comparison site.

Getting What You Need from Online Dealers

The key to buying a major purchase like a cell phone online is to make sure you do your research first. You want to be able to get a phone that is at the best possible price so you are not paying more than you need to for your mobile device. You also want to make sure that you are getting the real deal when you purchase a phone that is used or refurbished so you do not wind up paying a lot of money for a dud. Consumer reviews can help you avoid these kinds of problems so that you can make the right purchase for you.

In addition to making sure that you have a cell phone that is high quality, you need to make sure that you can use the phone you pick with the cell phone plan you already have. Consumer reviews can let you know how they are using the same product so you can get a feel for whether or not it will suit your needs. Shopping with a quality site like My Reviews Now can also help you browse by cell phone provider or phone brand so you can get a feel for what is available without having to jump from website to website.

Getting All the Accessories

Having a cell phone is great, but it's not going to do you very much good if it doesn't turn on. Instead of running to dozens of different websites to get a contract, a car charger or a case for your phone, stick with an online shopping mall that will allow you to find everything you need with one shopping trip. This way once you make your purchase you know that everything you need will be shipped at the same time from reliable dealers so you can get started using your phone as soon as it arrives.

A phone is not just a luxury anymore. Today, it's essential to stay connected with a cell phone, but that doesn't mean you should have to pay a lot for the privilege. There are plenty of ways to get a plan, mobile phones, and all of your accessories in one shopping trip without blowing your budget when you shop online and guide your shopping with quality consumer reviews that are honest and not written by the company.

Shopping for mobile phones has never been easier thanks to online shopping malls with consumer reviews.

Mobile Phones - Then And Now

The number of smart phone users across the globe has literally blown out of proportion and the overall number of mobile phone users is steadily growing as well. Nowadays, owning a smart phone is no longer considered a luxury but a standard necessity. Equipped with the latest technologies, the new mobile phones can do almost any of your immediate entertainment and communication needs. But the road to where this device has travelled was very long.

Early Mobile Phones

Mobile communication devices have been built in the past for the sole purpose of bridging long distances and communicating with distant significant others. Back in the 1870s, the first telephone sets and even the concept of wireless technology have been brought up. But little did they know that the two will soon be merged to create portable telephones.

The first commercial handsets were really long having lengths that span from chin to the tip of your forehead. The phones back then were big and heavier making them very inconvenient for most users. They didn't have any extra features for games, playing music and other stuffs unlike today.

The Modern Smart Phones

Today's portable phones are also known as smart phones because they really are smart. To begin with, the discovery of more powerful batteries paved way to longer calls and less charging frequency. The power capacity of today's modern handheld communication devices have grown exponentially making it possible for people to play processor and graphics-hungry games that are supposedly available only for desktop computers. Along with the development of powerful graphics chips, bigger storage and smaller microprocessors, it is already possible to do multitasking and maximize the phones other functions for entertainment.

Furthermore, the ability to send, receive and stream data makes it possible to share information and media anytime and anywhere. Wireless transfers enable ease of data transmission without the need of wires and standalone computers. In this connection, one can easily play music and videos without using a VCD or DVD. You can also watch TV and listen to the radio while on the go. You don't need to bring a separate MP3 or music player anymore just so you can play music.

Perhaps the most revolutionary change that the mobile phone underwent was the addition of Internet capability. This is not just some ordinary slow connection. First, it started with 1G. Later, it advanced further to 2G, then 3G. And now, mobile phone users are enjoying ultra fast LTE speeds that bring a whole new meaning to getting connected. The Internet-capable smart phone makes it possible for people to access the World Wide Web for generic surfing. It allows them to interact easily with other people with the use of online social networks. It also provides GPS and mapping capabilities that let them know their location, where to go and even suggest the best places to visit. With a phone on hand, it is harder to become lost today compared to 2 decades back. Given that you have signal coverage, you'll still be able to find your way home even if you're lost in the middle of the woods.

There are still a lot of other innovative features that current mobile phones have. In the next twenty years, no one can imagine what brand features will be unlocked given the rapid advancement in mobile technology.

Learn how mobile phones evolved from being a standalone device for communication into a powerful entertainment and social gadget. Understand the many possibilities offered by the advancement of modern technology.

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Three Impressive iPhone Apps to Try

Smartphones have changed the way we live. They have become affordable and are being used by a large number of people. These devices are embedded to our daily life to increasingly enable creativity. Mobile apps too are helping people get things done easier and faster. Let us examine three impressive mobile apps here.

Digisocial: This app provides a new social networking platform that helps in finding friends and groups nearby. Users have to register with their mobile number to enter into it. They can also optionally login with their Facebook account. Just like other social networks, Digisocial has a newsfeed that allows comments and a messaging service. An impressive thing about this app is, it is available for free and has no ads. However, the developers should look for a way to improve its coverage and make it stand as an effective social networking platform. Digisocial is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later. This app is also available for Android devices.

Acro-Dict: English language has been adding a vast amount of abbreviations, codes and acronyms every day. This app helps users keep track of all the AAC that they deal with at work, home, and daily life. It lets users search with an abbreviation and lists all the possible expansions under the suitable categories. As the entire database is available offline, Internet connection is not required to use Acro-Dict. It also presents a good tutorial and helps users get the most out it. Acro-Dict comes with an inbuilt keyboard, but users can also utilize the iOS keyboard if they want. I prefer using the iOS keyboard as the in-app keyboard doesn't support a few things. Acro-Dict is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Starmatic: This is the old Kodak Brownie Starmatic camera that has been reborn for the iPhones. This toy camera and photo sharing app helps users express their photographic talent and to be inspired by the amazing photos from others. Users can shoot photos and share it with the Starmatic community and there is Stramacolor film to add effect to these images. With a lovely sidebar controlled UI, this app makes it very easy to use. They can also view, like and repost the photographs of other users. This app is impressive, but it is heavily inspired by Instagram. A few innovative updates could change this. Starmatic is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad and requires iOS 4.2 or later. It is a free app.

With the advent of smartphones, mobile apps have taken off in a big way. In a short few years, they have emerged from non-existence to enhance our lifestyle. Therefore, we are all behind the days of being excited about them as they have become a big part of how we do things today. These few apps are the ones I use regularly. Give them a try!

Author bio: Steve August is an iPhone app reviews expert and Chief Editor of AlphaDigits (, a website that publishes Android app reviews and iPad app reviews. Developers can contact him through AlphaDigits to get their apps reviewed.