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How Smart Is Nokia's New Phone?

Nokia is making a comeback to the smartphone arena having previously failed to impress consumers with their just-average versions of the smartphone. Surpassed by RIM, Apple and Android, Nokia needed to shake up production or risk losing their long-standing reputation of making excellent quality, innovative phones.

Part of their reinvention involved teaming up with Microsoft to form an alliance which would power the new range of Nokia phones through Windows Mobile. A clever and mutually beneficial partnership most would agree as Nokia are a globally reputed manufacturer and Windows needed to get in on the mobile phone action to curtail the upsurge of its competitors, such as Google Android which is now the world's leading mobile phone operating software.

So Nokia's Lumia 800, with its seamless clear black curved glass chassis and large display screen looks and feels like a high end smartphone, with the operating software to match. Windows Phone 7.5 is slick and easy to use and it's built for business with embedded Microsoft Office which allows you to read and edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents, as well as share them instantly. Email is good too with Exchange functionality for enterprise customers giving access to calendar, contacts and mail synchronisation on the move.

One of the biggest drivers for smartphones however is the availability and choice of applications, or apps as they've become known. According to Microsoft, there are over 30,000 apps and games in the Windows Phone Marketplace that you can download to your handset. Many of these apps were written pre 7.5, so only a portion of them support the features that the update brings. Microsoft however is encouraging developers to write their code with Windows Phone 7.5 in mind.

Aside from the smartphone arena, Nokia has successfully penetrated the lower end handset market with a massive proportion of businesses remaining loyal. Many users rely on their longevity and dependability and fail to be swayed by the latest handset on the go.

Was it perhaps naive of critics to ever doubt that Nokia could bounce back? After all, Nokia was the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones in 2011. In the global smartphone rivalry Nokia and Microsoft have some ground to make up behind RIM's BlackBerry, Apple and Android - but the race could be heating up for 2012. The Lumia 800 combines the simplicity of a Nokia handset with Microsoft's powerful operating software making it a real contender in an increasingly competitive market.

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