Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

The Benifits of "Flashing" (Reprograming) Your iPhone

In the world today who isn't trying to save a few dollars? Most of us are for the first times in our lives starting to clip coupons (Or at lest thinking about it) and we are planing our nights out more carefully to avoid needless driving to the tune of 4.00+ per gallon of gas.

So why is it month after month we dutifully dish out hundreds of dollars to the Phone gods for the privilege of 30 more days with our best friend (que in your picture while hugging your iPhone)

Forget it!

Most don't know that by switching their iPhone to Prepaid service they can keep all the services and pay a flat $50.00 per month!

In most cases with 4g data! How many of you pay over 140.00 per month now only to be shoved onto AT&T's 2G Edge network?

You may shout - NO! I have to have my AT&T service because I have to have my calls everywhere I go and I can't afford dropped calls.

Surprise - Straight Talk - Net10 - H2O are all AT&T Prepaid companies

The only difference is real 4g data and its only $50.00 per month

What's that you say? Oh you don't believe it?

Whats that you say? The guy at the Apple store told you that was illegal?

1 - It's is done tens of thousands of times every day all over the planet
2 - It is absolutely legal and has been ruled as such by the Supreme Court of the United States of America

While why did the Apple "Guinness" say I couldn't do it?

If he was all that smart he could simply Google "Is it legal to flash my iPhone" and he would quickly see the unavoidable TRUTH. However he simply spews the Apple line that it is "illegal" in Apples Mind if you switch your phone to another carrier

What are the drawbacks to Prepaid

1 - From time to time the prepaid networks get flooded with new users and the data speeds slow down until some of the users switch companies or the company buys more bandwidth

Can you do this yourself

Some people can do it themselves but more often then not it is simply much more frustrating for them to mess around with all the programs that you need to flash your phone particularly if its a Sprint or Verizon iPhone.

That is where we come in - For one low fee we can flash your phone - set up your account (We can even keep your same number) and put you on prepaid!


Go to our website right now to find out more information or call us anytime at 866-966-6602

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