Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

Three Reasons Why Prepaid Wireless Plans Are More Attractive

According to the market research firm Toluna, statistics show that 63% of consumers have major concerns about their mobile phone service. Consumers are not happy with their overall monthly mobile phone bill followed with not being happy about hidden fees, plan changes, and charges for exceeding data limits. Wireless plans are just the way to go for people.

In Texas, wireless phones are the primary means of receiving calls in 52.8% of homes. Mississippi has 49.8%, Arizona has 48.1% and Nebraska 47.3%. This sounds sort of funny but mobile/cell phones are very important. More importantly since wireless plans are the choice of telephone communication people want to save and get the best service at the same time.

There are three reasons why prepaid wireless is more attractive to people. Services are less expensive, better phones are being offered and data plans are faster.

1. Less Expensive Generally speaking prepaid wireless is less expensive. Their plans are straight forward and these plans do not have contracts. Essentially consumers are paying month to month so in the event if they are not able to keep their service for whatever reason they will not be billed a high enormous fee. Cell phone companies that offer 2 year contract plans will charge their customers up to $200 plus to get out of the contract and that is just not attractive to more and more people.

2. Offering Better Phones There use to be a time where the prepaid cell phones just did not match the phones that consumers would receive with their 2 year contracts. Actually previously this was the major deciding factor for consumers. Many chose the 2 year contracts to get the better sharper looking phones. However now the bigger cell phone companies are offering a prepaid no contract service thus they are offering better phones.

3. Faster Data Plan Prepaid wireless companies are also offering faster data plans. Many people download photos, videos and browse the Internet which is just cause to have a faster speed. Although most prepaid companies do not offer unlimited data the data plans have gotten better. It is advised that consumers read the fine print as most plans will offer unlimited talk and text but they have a cap on their data plans or they charge an additional fee.

With more and more prepaid month to month plans launching in the market place consumers will be able to find the type of plan and payments monthly that will fit their budget while providing the service they are needing.

Solavei Mobile Network just launched in the market place on September 21, 2012 with an unlimited talk, text, and data plan, with no contract on a 4G network all for an affordable monthly price which should fit in nicely with being attractive to prepaid wireless consumers.

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