Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 - Extremely Responsive Phone Given Its Modest Price!

The Nokia Lumia 710 is a budget offering from Nokia and is targeted at the mid-segment market. A Windows 7 smartphone, the T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 is especially apt for youngsters because it contains all the features of its high-end sisters or competitors while simultaneously being pocket-friendly. Weighing at 125.5g, the Lumia 710 comes with replaceable back covers in black, white, fuchsia, cyan and yellow which are so handy for personalizing your phone.

Unlike in the majority of Windows 7 phones, the three buttons on the front are physical and makes it easier to push quickly. The phone has a solid feel in the hand and despite its plastic looks and budget price does not feel or look cheap.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon S-o-C with 1.4GHz Scorpion CPU and Adreno 205 GPU which powers the more high-profile phones throb beneath the Lumia 710's plastic exterior and so the modest price belies its good quality. Although multitasking with this phone is somewhat limited, it has 512MB RAM which is excellent for a phone in this price category. 8GB of internal memory is a good enough storage although some may find it disappointing that the phone does not come with expandable storage since this limits the multi-media usage.

The T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 has a good 3.7 inches display screen which is possible only because it does not feature a physical keypad. To keep up with the large screen display, the phone offers a high resolution with a 480x800 pixel. The density of the pixel is therefore a high 252PPI and the superior quality of the display is obvious in its excellent colour reproduction and viewing angles. Nokia's exclusive ClearBlack Filter which is incorporated in this phone ensures that both the black and contrast levels are enhanced. The usage of LCD means that the screen of Lumia 710 is sharp and there is no fuzziness in the text which is experienced in some phones. It also helps with net browsing.

Like the to-be launched Samsung Galaxy S Relay, the Lumia 710 features a 5MP camera. The phone has a LED flash along with a built-in shutter key which can be utilized even when the device is locked. The phone camera can focus and click images pretty well with decent colour contrasts, sharpness etc. given that it is only a 5MP camera. Video photography too is possible with the Lumia 710 and it can record around 720p HD resolution. A nice variety of settings similar to still pictures is available in the video mode.

One of the main advantages of this phone is that although the battery capacity is slightly smaller than required for a smartphone, it is user replaceable. Also, by using the Windows Phone Battery Saver program, the battery life can be extended by getting unimportant services like background emails turned off.

The T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 is good value for money and although it cannot be compared to its more expensive competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the phone nevertheless is an extremely responsive device at that price point.

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